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Issa & Yassi Pressman Have A *New* Business That Pet Owners Will Love

It's a mobile dog grooming service for your fur babies!
Issa and Yassi Pressman launch their new dog grooming business, Presidential Paws Lounge

If you've ever dreamed of starting your own business, then you're definitely not alone. In fact, even your favorite celebs and content creators have thought of doing the same! Take for example, influencers Rei GermarHazel QuingRy VelascoJammy CruzMigy Romulo, and Suzelle Lumbera who recently launched The Lula Club, "a community that encourages memory keeping" through their journals and disposable film cameras. There's also Lauren Reid and her food business, Puff Daddy, which specializes in selling baked puff pastries and cakes. 

Now, we're putting the spotlight on Presidential Paws Lounge, a mobile dog grooming service that was created by sisters Issa and Yassi Pressman. In an exclusive email interview with Cosmopolitan Philippines, we got to know more about how they embarked on this new business venture.

Keep reading as Issa and Yassi Pressman share what it's been like to pursue their ~*passion project*~, the Presidential Paws Lounge.

What's the story behind this business?

Issa and Yassi: "Presidential Paws Lounge was created during the unprecedented circumstances dictated by the pandemic. This has forced a lot of people to stay home with their pets. With house full of new puppies, we spent hours searching far and wide for the best mobile dog grooming salon in the Metro. We've tried several mobile grooming salons but none satisfied our expectations.


That's when the idea of creating our own mobile dog grooming lounge came up. Having our best interest and ambition to provide the most comfortable dog grooming lounge in the Philippines, Presidential Paws Lounge was born."

Can you tell us about your services and the products you offer?

I & Y: "The lounge offers all types of services that is well suited for your pets' needs. [This includes] bath, dry, haircut, nail cut, teethcare, ear care, and even fixing their matted furs that causes extreme stress for your pets." 

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"As we launch the lounge (which is the sister company of the Presidential Paws brand), expect to see our whole line of fashionably functional dog accessories. We will also be offering our line of Dog Essentials like shampoos and many more in the near future!"


How did you come up with the design of the Momma Dalmatian vehicle?

I: "We wanted to find a way for the Lounge to really resemble a dog and I've alwayys wanted a dalmatian but we got a house full of bullies already and my queen Killa might get jelly, haha! So since I couldn't get one, I made one! All the partners loved it, [and] we all thought it was a great way to catch the people's attention!"


Any fun and memorable pet grooming stories?

I & Y: "Before we soft launched, we visited The Farm at San Benito and took the Lounge out in public. We brought it to our partners at The Farm so they could check it out, and we said we should just park it close to the front desk, to see how people reacted to it. For those who asked, we offered to groom their pets for free, and instantly the whole day was booked!"


What are some challenges you faced during the process?

I & Y: "One of the biggest challenges was looking for the best groomers in the country. But the thing is, you can't just simply find the *best* ones. It takes time, patience, training, and pet understanding in order to be a dog groomer. Our groomers [have] already had years of experience, and on top of that, we still had them trained professionally."


What's been the best part of starting this project?

I & Y: "You know when you get into a room full of puppies and no matter how down you [are], you feel a sudden rush of happiness just by seeing them? That's how it feels whenever we see the dog step out of our lounge all glamed up and majestic. It's amazing to see their transformations, learn their names and histories, and give them the best care that they deserve. Truly, just having to see the process and art of dog grooming is simply the best part."


What's it like running a business with your sister? 

I: "It's a great way to really witness and keep each other in check. Through working together, we all see growth. Growing together has been one of my life faves!"

Y: "It really is such an enjoyable venture because it's with family—talagang passion project lang siya that is turning into something bigger because of the beautiful community of people we've built. When you think of it like that, we're like the immediate family, and they're like our doggos' momma, poppa, and cousins!"


To know more about Presidential Paws Lounge, visit their official website and check out their Facebook and InstagramFor a complete list of services by the Presidential Paws Lounge, click here.


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