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Your Star Sign Is The Secret To Having The Best Night Out Ever

Oh, also, we figured out your cocktail order.
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You know the deal: ‘Tis the holiday party season. And the only thing bigger than the hype rn, is the disappointment when a night out doesn’t, ahem, sleigh. But only you can prevent lame nights by partying according to your Sun Sign, of course.

So take a peep below to find out what your sign’s *ideal* pre-game, venue, cocktail and overall standard for a good night out is!



  • Your pre-game: Beer pong. Why? It’s a competition, Aries! Go smash it, champ. Pong those red cups like the alpha you are.
  • Where to go: Something with games, whether it’s a barcade type place or a cool amusement park. There’s no chance you’ll be bored, ya know? Plus, all the flashing lights and beep-boops will get everyone’s blood pumping to the same level yours does at a resting rate. And the night is still young…
  • Your drink order: A Cucumber Cooler (whisky, frozen lime juice, cucumber) is zingy and refreshing and will help chill you TF out when you’re in danger of overheating…
  • It’s a good night if…: You wake up (several days later) in a different town, with a new tattoo, lover and possibly even identity. The stuff of legends. You ARE a legend, Aries, go raise hell!
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  • Your pre-game: Some on-theme snacks and cocktails, yes please. Whatever the theme is (Tapas? Seasonal? Just cheese because what else do you need?) as long as there are snacks (plenty, too, thank you) you’ll be a content bull, grazing and quaffing.
  • Where to go: Your cuuute local Christmas pop-up. The lovely, cozy atmosphere, the FOOD STALLS, the mulled wine, the shopping…you can wander round these things for hours.
  • Your drink order: A French 75 (champagne, lemon juice, gin, sugar syrup) is expensive and refined, much like you. And, alas, you can’t find a cocktail made of cheese.
  • It’s a good night if…: You come home, having had mucho fun (and great food), and still only ended up spending close to nothing! BONUS. Taurus you guard your money even closer than that fancy cheese stash in the fridge.



  • Your pre-game: Playing a round of Never Have I Ever. Perfect opportunity to get some hot goss from your crew, amirite? You can dine off the material gleaned from this game for weeks. It goes without saying that you will have to lie (well, tone it down) yourself when it comes to your turn (there’s not much you probs haven’t, ahem, done).
  • Where to go: Bar crawling. You gotta have variety on these nights out and the drunker y’all get the more spicy it all gets, too. Hit the scene, hit shit up, move the heck on.
  • Your drink order: A Bishop’s Cocktail (rum, red wine, sugar syrup, lime juice) is strong enough to get even the most reluctant party going.
  • It’s a good night if…: You have some amazing new insights shall we say on your nearest and dearest, and some awesome video stories, too. The tabloids have nothing on you, Gemmy.


  • Your pre-game: Crank up your faves-filled playlist and sing along dramatically, changing up the performance according to the track of course, until your voice gives out.
  • Where to go: Two words: costume party! That way you can wear a mask for a night and basically unleash the characters you’ve got in residence rn in your Moon-influenced, multi-mood personality bank. 
  • Your drink order: A Strawberry and Mint Mojito (rum, strawberry puree, muddled mint leaves, ginger ale). It’s fruity, juicy and exciting, just like your alter ego out on the town.
  • It’s a good night if…: You make a new BFF in the bathroom line, who understands you and thinks you’re amazing, wants to be lifelong besties and take on the world with you by their side as their most-trusted confidant. Now, if only you can remember their name…


  • Your pre-game: Let’s face it—literally—getting glammed up is the fun part. Accompanied by copious bubbly, frothy, fruity drinks, of course. Invite your ride-or-dies over for some pre-party pampering.
  • Where to go: Karaoke. All Leos have an inner diva (sometimes not so inner either), and enjoy performing. Tonight, Leo, you are Beyoncé a la Destiny’s Child era. Dress to impress, practice your strutting, and say my name.
  • Your drink order: A Strawberry Fields Mimosa (vodka, Aperol, lemon juice, strawberry puree, prosecco). This’ll get you, um, stage ready.
  • It’s a good night if…: You’ve acquired new members in your Fan Club (yes that’s a real thing), swelled your social media following, and been generally admired and complimented by everyone you’ve encountered. You’re a supes-star!


  • Your pre-game: Something intricate, precise, and organized in a Google Excel Sheet for weeks leading up to the big day—yes, I’m obviously talking about a murder mystery dinner party. It’s all in the details, people!
  • Where to go: The allure of a mixology class is that you not only get to have delish drinks and chill with your crew, but you also learn and acquire some new recipes. A win/win: useful and entertaining.
  • Your drink order: A Grasshopper (white crème de cacao, green crème de menthe, double cream) is a liiittle off the beaten track for the bartender, and you do enjoy putting the experts to the test.
  • It’s a good night if…: Everything goes to plan. Isn’t that what counts? *crickets*


  • Your pre-game: Going someplace with an Instagram mural. You’re a natural aesthete, it’s ALL about appearances, and you and your girls actually do srsly enjoy creating a look. Okay, everyone pose for the selfie…
  • Where to go: Dancing all night long! You Librans love to be on the scene, enjoying the best music, in the hottest spots, with the in-crowd. You love to dance, too—it’s that Venus planetary influence, she just wants to make everything look and feel beaut.
  • Your drink order: Bootleggers’ Ice (bourbon, frozen blackberries, muddled basil leaves, angostura bitters). Sophisticated, chilled and exotic. Just how ya like ‘em.
  • It’s a good night if…: You bump into a bunch of peeps on the dance floor, whether it’s the super-hot ex (who you still DM—oh come on, yes you do), the girls you went to dance class with a squillion years ago, or your bestie from kindergarten. Reunions are always just around the corner for the super-social Libra.


  • Your pre-game: Truth or Dare has never let you down, Scorpy. And you don’t care if you get truth (you lie) or dare (bring it ON, there’s nothing that fazes you). Finding out what other people think/have done/would do is endlessly fascinating to you.
  • Where to go: An ‘80s-themed party is perfect for your ultra-sophisticated, power-dressing tendencies. The music was killer, too. If Scorpy belongs to any era, it’s the ruthless, shoulder-padded, jet-set, self-indulgent 1980s.
  • Your drink order: Spiced Apple Martini (apple juice, Calvados, muddled apple, caramel syrup, cinnamon) is suitably suave and a bit stormy.
  • It’s a good night if…: You encounter one of your frenemies, or even better a long-standing feud victim, and they make an absolute fool of themselves in front of everyone. Oh, their downfall is most pleasing. *evil laugh*


  • Your pre-game: You have no verbal filters, Sag. You say what you think the second it enters your head and you’re always in trouble for it (though not for long because you’re simply too adorable). Therefore, Cards Against Humanity is the kind of game that brings everyone down to your level. Yass. Finally.
  • Where to go: Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and luck. You love games of chance (of any kind, actually), and taking risks. Get thee to a casino and win *big* for all of us! Plus, free drinks.
  • Your drink order: Nouveau Sangaree (Beaujolais Nouveau, apple brandy, gin, angostura bitters, maple syrup)—strong enough to blow your socks off. Go hard or go home, bb!
  • It’s a good night if…: You take home a hot fling…and then get rid of ‘em in time for next weekend so you can go on the hunt again.


  • Your pre-game: Daaahling, it’s all about the champagne and caviar! You’ll be hosting a luxe AF shindig where you and yours get to live the high life (before it all descends downhill no doubt), with no expense spared and the pad looking like a picture-perfect ‘gram shot. Pre drinks can be classy in your book.
  • Where to go: A comedy bar! A lot of people don’t realize how funny you can be when making your wry (accurate) observations. You just don’t like banter (because you’re also super-sensitive), so watching someone else be funny from a safe spot in the dark, not at your expense, is bliss.
  • Your drink order: A Frosted Paloma (tequila, frozen grapefruit, lime juice, sugar syrup, soda). A grown-up drink with a kick like a mule. You don’t do things by halves when you’re committed.
  • It’s a good night if…: Somewhere along the way you’ve made a new connection with someone who you think has got some influence in your hustle. Caps are never off the clock and you like to expand your network of useful contacts.


  • Your pre-game: Get out the blankets, lanterns, and hot drinks. Head upstairs for an early-evening, rooftop chill sesh. You love all things cosmic and space-y, so lie down and look up. Don’t let the squad drop off tho.
  • Where to go: Live music is where it’s at for you, Aquarius. The sheer buzz of seeing something fresh and original, dancing in the crowd, singing your heart out. Nothing beats the visceral power of a concert, ya know?
  • Your drink order: A Samhain Sangria (whisky, white wine, apple juice, cinnamon, fresh cranberries, apple and orange slices)—eccentric, unusual and a lil bit esoteric, which matches your key traits nicely!
  • It’s a good night if…: You’ve experienced something new and unique. You thrive on pushing the boundaries, on discovery and exploration. You don’t want to do the same old, you want to do *new*.


  • Your pre-game: A ~spiritual~ evening, starring tarot and oracle cards, smudging, past life meditations... you name it, you got it. Light those candles, waft that sage, and tap into those witch-y vibes. You LOVE this spooOoky stuff.
  • Where to go: Anything in, on, or by water. The zodiac’s mermaid feels most at home in her natural element, so being around water makes you a relaxed and happy Piscean. It could be a beach bar, seafood restaurant, riverside rave, party-on-a-yacht (if ya lucky).
  • Your drink order: A Grand Sangria (Grand Marnier, red wine, orange juice, cinnamon stick, orange slices). This is basically a fancy, super-spiked mulled wine. Cozy and killer.
  • It’s a good night if…: Your phone is filled with cute Snaps and Instas of the squad letting loose and being their natural, beautiful selves which you can look back on with a big smile. You’re a nerd for nostalgia, so you appreciate the value of making genuine, heart-warming memories. Aww!


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