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10 Superstar College Students

Got the back-to-school blues? Some of your favorite Hollywood stars probably did when they were still in college, too!
If you're still a kolehiyala, you'll probably be heading back to school in a few days, all set to hunker down and hit the books for another grueling school year--that is, if you haven't yet. Your future is in your hands—maybe your teacher's, too.

Ever caught yourself wishing (at the height of Hell Week, with all the deadlines and exams) that you could go into showbiz and forget about school? Don't those artistas and celebrities have it so much better?

Maybe you just don't read about it much since Hollywood tsismis always takes the forefront, but a lot of your favorite celebrities actually have a degree (or are well on their way to getting one). Some of them even went to the most prestigious universities in the world!

Which famous actress is a Harvard grad? Which hunky actor is seriously considering going for a PhD? Click through our gallery below to find out!
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