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Netizens are demanding the motor company to take accountability for its triggering ad copy that promotes incest rape.
He served just 11 years—ironically, the exact age of the young girl he had molested.
Is it the end of the Eat Bulaga! journey for Maine, the girl who shot to fame as Yaya Dub?
Roughly six to seven Filipino women die daily because of childbirth.
'She’s not only the face of Philippine volleyball, but Philippine sports as well.'
Get access to the pioneering video brand’s inspiring stories beginning April 29!
A student was asked to 'smell' something that later on caused her body to feel numb.
A neighbor caught the brutal incident in a now-viral video.
‘No amount of anatomical discourse should ever erase the heinousness of this crime.’
Some Twitter users called it an issue born out of poor reader comprehension.
The couple lost three Iphones after suspects broke the windows of their Jeep Wrangler Wagon.
'[He] locked me in a room telling me I wouldn’t leave that room alive or both of us would die...'