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Filipina-Italian Model Ambra Gutierrez Reacts To Harvey Weinstein Verdict

'This is just the start.'
PHOTO: instagram/ambrabgutierrez

Earlier this week, disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein was found guilty on two charges: 1) for a criminal sexual act and 2) for third-degree rape. The verdict was made after nearly two years since Weinstein turned himself in in May 2018. ICYDK, he was on trial for five counts and was acquitted of three. 

Filipina-Italian model Ambra Gutierrez, one of the most instrumental voices of the #MeToo movement, took to Instagram to express her joy, but also to remind everyone that there's still so much work to be done. 

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She wrote, "Right after Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted me, I did everything you're supposed to do as a victim of a crime: I immediately filed a claim with the NYPD. At their direction, I even met with my abuser again to catch him on tape apologizing for and admitting to forcibly touching my breasts and putting his hand up my skirt. Yet, the Manhattan District Attorney threw away my case because I wasn't an 'ideal' victim since I'd testified previously against Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi for accusations against him of sex with minors. I, and countless other women, need the Adult Survivors Act which creates a look-back window to right the wrongs of a system that favors rich and powerful men over the women they abuse. We deserve a chance."

According to her post, the Adult Survivors Act allows victims "a one-year window for adult survivors who are outside the statute of limitations of a sexual offense to file a civil lawsuit against their abuser and/or the institution that did or should have known about the abuse, no matter how long ago the abuse happened." 

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In a YouTube video posted by ABC News, Ambra is visibly emotional about the Harvey Weinstein verdict (1:09):

"I'm so happy but I can't stop crying," she told actress Rosanna Arquette through the phone, "I can't imagine what the others are feeling right now."

Weinstein's sentencing will happen on March 11, 2020 in New York, where he could face up to 25 years in prison. But it doesn't stop there: He also faces charges "of forcible rape, forcible oral copulation, sexual penetration by use of restraint and sexual battery by restraint," this time, in Los Angeles, California. 

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