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'Asia's Got Talent' Season 2 Winner Will Amaze And Creep You Out

PHOTO: Instagram/rianariani

Asia’s Got Talent Season 2 concluded its run on December 14, 2017, Thursday, in Singapore with immense talent and raw thrills in the lineup. In particular, there was one contestant who awed and frightened the audience: illusionist The Sacred Riana from Indonesia. It was no surprise then that she was later declared the winner of the talent competition.

In her last act, The Sacred Riana asked a few members from the audience and one of the judges, American artist-musician Jay Park, to go up the stage. The volunteers were then asked to sit at a round table and put their hands on the table. The Sacred Riana approached Jay Park and asked him to think of his biggest fear.

After summoning the spirits, followed by a strange movement of the table, The Sacred Riana ended her act by revealing what was on Jay Park’s mind. Creepy!

Check out The Sacred Riana’s act below:


The runner-up title went to Filipino dance group DM-X Comvaleñoz. Pinoy beat boxer Neil Rey Garcia placed third.

The other two judges in the season are Canadian musician, record producer, composer, songwriter, arranger David Foster and Indonesian singer Anggun. Anggun is in Manila to promote her latest album, 8.

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