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This Canadian Vlogger Is Now *Officially* A Filipino Citizen

Congratulations, Kyle!
BecomingFilipino vlogger Kyle Jennermann a naturalized Filipino
PHOTO: Instagram/becomingfilipino, Facebook/BecomingFilipino

As Filipinos, we might have already heard a lot of success stories of acquiring a different citizenship outside the Philippines. But for this Canadian vlogger, his success story is all about becoming one of us—becoming Filipino.

Kyle Douglas "Kulas" Jennermann, now a naturalized Filipino, expressed his happiness on social media as he took his Oath of Allegiance to the Republic of the Philippines.

"I have officially become a Filipino...It was an incredibly overwhelming moment for me today. Today marks the beginning of the most important part of my life. I am ready for this. I am filled with belief, inspiration, gratefulness, and love." Kyle wrote in a post on Wednesday, September 13.

Kyle has been exploring the Philippines for a decade now. He has been documenting his journey and discoveries in his YouTube vlog "BecomingFilipino."

Throughout his trips, he has forged friendships while learning about Filipino culture.

"This past few years has been the most incredible journey. I am grateful to everyone across the country, and both in Congress and Senate, who not only supported me... but inspired so much belief within me," Kyle continued in his post.


His Filipino girlfriend and some of the families he met were present at his oath-taking.

"Even more so having my Titos and Titas from Cebu and Cagayan de Oro in attendance... the Filipino families who took me in, and impacted my life in so many positive ways," Kyle stated.

Earlier this year, the Philippine Senate granted Kyle his Filipino citizenship, following a bill filed by Biñan City Rep. Marlyn "Len" Alonte at the lower house. 

During the Senate hearing on his Filipino citizenship, Senate President Migz Zubiri applauded Kyle's love and appreciation for the Philippines.

"(He has been) actually (to) more provinces than I have visited myself. [...] He is a better promoter of the Philippines than many of the people I know who do that for a living. Kulas was born and raised in Vancouver Island, Canada, but in almost 10 years that he has spent in the Philippines, he has truly become Filipino,” the senator said.

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As of writing his YouTube channel has 1.1 million subscribers.

We're so happy for you, Kulas! Thank you for appreciating the Philippines!

Watch his latest vlog here:

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