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New Details About Flight Attendant Christine Dacera's Death Emerge

Investigators and family disagree over initial findings.
PHOTO: Instagram/xtinedacera

Trigger Warning: sexual assault, rape.


Flight attendant Christine Dacera's death remains shrouded in mystery as a full autopsy report is pending. However, statements from police investigators and her last companions provided clues.

Dacera's body was bruised. Photos released by the Makati City Police, aired on GMA News' 24 Oras Newscast, showed bruises on both of Dacera's legs and on one of her hands. 

Initial findings showed she died of an aneurysm, said Col. Harold Depositar, the Makati City police chief. It could have stemmed from too much toxins after a night of drinking, he said. Dacera was out with friends on New Year's Eve.

The Dacera family disputes this, according to their lawyer, Paolo Tuliao. A post mortem report did not include the fact that Dacera's body was bruised, Tuliao said. "We seek another post mortem report from the medico-legal," he said.

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Dacera told her friend that she suspected someone put something in her drink, said Depositar. The friend, who is under police custody, recalled Dacera as telling him: "Parang may nilagay sa drinks ko. Parang sumama pakiramdam ko."

Her companions left the hotel before the 12 noon checkout time, indicating something suspicious, according to Depositar. "Yung fleeing na 'yan would suggest na something went wrong and they don't want to get involved," he said.

Gregorio De Guzman, one of the companions, denied this. De Guzman said CCTV footage would show that he was with Dacera at the hotel and later at the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Dacera's body was "warm" when it was found in her bathtub. De Guzman attested to this adding he even performed CPR on the flight attendant. "Tin, Tin, babe gising ka na please," he recalled saying at that time. Dacera's body was soft but she did not appear to be breathing when De Guzman put his finger near her nostrils, he said.

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De Guzman denied raping Dacera. He said he's gay and has never had sex with a woman. His mother, singer Claire dela Fuente, attested to this. "Sana maging fair ang laban. We're seeking justice too for Tin," she said.

Rape with homicide was the complaint filed by police against three suspects who had been arrested. Nine others remain at large.

Dacera's mother, Sharon, made a fresh appeal for justice. "Ano bang karapatan niyo para babuyin at patayin ang walang kalaban-laban na babae na nag-iisa anong karapatan niyo?" she said.