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Here's What The 2022 Elections Will Be Like During The Pandemic

Face masks and face shields are required.
COMELEC - election simulation during the pandemic

The Commission on Elections on Saturday simulated voting ahead of the national elections in May 2022, the Philippines' first during a pandemic. San Juan City hosted the mock elections at the San Juan Elementary School, the school with the largest number of voting precincts in the city, according to Mayor Francis Zamora. The city was selected due to its high vaccination rate, Zamora added.


So, what's voting going to be like during the pandemic?

Once you arrive at the precinct 

You have to check which room you're assigned to. Afterwards, they'll look for your ballot in your assigned room. Senior citizens and persons with disabilities may seek assistance from precinct staff or volunteers.

Masks up, face shields down

All voters and precinct staff are required to wear face masks and face shields as protection against COVID-19. The protective gear must be worn at all times.

Social distance

Voters will be spread out inside rooms, meaning there will be less people accommodated at a time. Staff in the room are also physically distanced and will be behind clear plastic barriers for safety.

Filling out the ballot

Like previous elections, you will be handed a ballot with candidate names. You will have to shade the circle completely for your vote to push through. To shield ballots, voters are provided folders. After filling it out with your vote, a machine will accept your ballot. You will then be issued a receipt with a summary of your vote.

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