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You Can Join The Department Of Health's Viber Group To Get The Latest COVID-19 Updates

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The Department of Health (DOH) launched a Viber Community to disseminate the latest news and information about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

To join, search for "DOH PH COVID-19" on the messaging app or click on this link:

The DOH also announced on March 13, 2020 that there are 12 new COVID-19 cases in the Philippines, raising the total count to 64.

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Health Secretary Dr. Francisco Duque III said, "We continually ask the public to cooperate and help us in the investigation and contact tracing activities. Please contact DOH and call the designated hotline at (02) 8-651-7800 loc 1149-1150 for any new leads."

He added that there is a great chance for patients to recover: "For those who are confirmed cases, please let our hospitals take care of you. Studies show that chances of recovery are high. Let us take it upon ourselves to protect our family and our community’s health and well-being."

Since the World Health Organization's declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic, people have been flocking to stores and supermarkets everwhere in the world to buy food, disinfectants, and toiletries. Supplies of items such as alcohol and toilet paper are running out due to panic buying.

Duque said, "I also implore everyone to please stop hoarding basic commodities, particularly hygiene and sanitation products. It does not help us fight off COVID-19. Realize that when you hoard, you are being part of the problem by denying the rest of your fellowmen the means to protect themselves."

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