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The Department Of Transportation Shares *Important* Road Safety Tips When Keeping Up With The Barrettos


Every day, there seems to be new updates on the Barretto family saga, and the Department of Transportation (DOT) has issued *important* road safety tips when keeping up with the Barrettos.

On their official Facebook page, the DOT cheekily recommended “safety first, mga besh!” whenever La Greta aka Gretchen Barretto has new “pasabog.”

The DOT discouraged checking the Barrettos’ social media updates when driving and reminded people of the Anti-Distracted Driving Act. Better to ask your companions in the car to do the digging for you, or pull over in a safe place if you’re alone and really can’t wait to find out the latest.

If you want to unpack the latest revelation with a friend, the DOT recommended using a headset or Bluetooth device. “I-loud speaker mo na rin para rinig ng iba mong kasama.” LOL!

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