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The Funniest Twitter Reactions When Facebook, Instagram, And WhatsApp Were Down

Thank goodness for Twitter!

On April 14, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp suddenly went dark for some users around the world. Naturally, the world freaked out—but just for a couple of hours.

According to a report, the outages started at 6:30 p.m. (Philippine Time). Facebook and Instagram became inaccessible, and news feeds were unable to refresh, and the domain became unavailable. Likewise, Facebook’s messenger chat service, Messenger, was not spared. Meanwhile, for WhatsApp, incoming and outgoing messages failed to come through.

While these apps were down for a few hours, people headed over to Twitter to voice out their reactions and complaints. Here are the funniest ones we found:

Is this the first thing you did, to *really* check if Facebook and Instagram were down?

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Some users likened the outage to being stuck in the stone age:

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Others started contemplating their life as they had a moment of silence:

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Were you aware that Coachella was happening at the time of the outage?

Twitter is the true hero. Thank you, Twitter!

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As of this writing, our favorite social media apps are back and running! Fingers crossed it won’t mess up again!

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