Uh Oh, Instagram Is Down And People Can't Post Their Thanksgiving Pics

PHOTO: Unsplash/Humphrey Muleba

It looks like Instagram is down, and on the morning of Thanksgiving, at that.

A number of users in the U.S. have started to complain about it, and some are even joking that they're now forced to talk to their family.

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With the social media site's outage, they've come to Facebook and to Twitter to rant, naturally.

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Not everyone's affected with the glitch, though. But other people have reported problems on Facebook, which may have something to do with its shared infrastructure with Instagram. Whatsapp, on the other hand, which was acquired by Facebook, doesn't seem to have any issues.

This is a good thing, considering all three apps were down at the same time earlier this year. But with Facebook planning to merge their platforms, users might expect more triple outages in the future.

Uh, hope users still have a happy Thanksgiving!

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