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Jennylyn Mercado Looks Badass Training In Another Martial Art

She is definitely a fitspiration.
PHOTO: Instagram/mercadojenny

Yesterday, November 3, actress Jennylyn Mercado posted on her Instagram account, @mercadojenny, a video of her training in the art of balintawak. In her caption, she tagged, @tabimina_balintawak, whose bio reads, “Tabimina System is an art that teaches you how to attain the elusive ZERO MIND state. Founder: GM [Grand Master] Bobby Tabimina.”

The website describes balintawak as “a Filipino martial art developed by Grand Master Venancio ‘Anciong’ Bacon in [the] late 1940s. [It’s] named after a small street in Cebu City, Philippines, in which the first Balintawak Club was organized at the watch shop of one of his students named Eduardo Baculi. It is a combat system that enhances the physical and psychological attributes of an individual by immersing [him/her] in real-time combat situations.” It adds, “Zero-mind state works hand in hand with what we call the heightened consciousness which foresees the possible outcome of a fight.”


In her previous social media posts, Jennylyn has expressed her love for other kinds of martial arts. She is trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, mixed martial arts, and arnis, the Philippines’ national sport and martial art. She has also engaged in sports like swimming, cycling, and running, and practices the Plana FORMA technique and Pilates.

This is one hot mama you can’t mess with!

Check out her Instagram post:

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