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Lance Gokongwei Has *The Best* Practical Relationship Advice Amid The Pandemic

He calls his wife 'the gold standard in parenting.'
PHOTO: JG Summit Holdings, Inc.

"She's the gold standard in parenting," shares JG Summit CEO Lance Gokongwei about his wife during an interview with Summit Media journalists. He was talking about his family and said that his Gen-Z children are responsible + disciplined kids because of his wife. "To make a little bit yabang, if my wife allows our kids to do it, almost every other parent would say that must be okay, if they do the same activity. She's probably the border between being too strict and being too lax. They trust her judgment." Aww! 

"Oh dear," was his first reaction after Cosmopolitan Philippines asked if he has any relationship advice for couples that are living together during the pandemic. "I'm not the right person to give any sort of advice because I'm too pragmatic. I think the only thing I can say is communicate well, and at times give each other the necessary space, right?"

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"I read an article that after that one-month period [of COVID-19] in China they had so many applications for divorce. Because I guess once you're in a place with somebody in close quarters for so long, no matter how compatible [you are] or how much you love each other, you do need to give each other enough space and understanding. So I would say just respect your partner and love that person." 

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Just like us *regular* people, we found out that he also binge-watches A LOT of movies and shows: "We break down the movies into those I watch with my wife, those we watch with the kids, and those I watch alone." During the pandemic, he's seen The Crown, Princess Diana documentaries, Planet Of The Apes movies, The Godfather series, Citizen Kane, and other classic films with his family. "For myself, I basically watch anything that has narcotics or murder in it. I also like all these British cop shows like Line Of Duty, The Bodyguard, and the like." 

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Watch Lance talk more about his family in the video below:

JG Summit is the Philippines' third-largest company by market capitalization, and the Gokongwei siblings ranked fourth on Forbes' "50 Richest" list this year.


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