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A British Woman Was Saved By Her Twin Sister From A Crocodile Attack In Mexico

Both twins ended up in hospital.
PHOTO: go fund me

A backpacking trip around Mexico for two British womenidentical twin sisters Georgia and Melissa Lauriehas ended in harm, after a crocodile attacked Melissa while she was swimming in a lagoon. Her sister, Georgia, saved her from the animal's clutches.

The twins, from Sandhurst in Berkshire, were traveling and volunteering in Mexico when they took a trip with a guide near Puerto Escondido, a port town and resort in the state of Oaxaca, on the country's Pacific coast. The pair went night swimming in Manialtepec Lagoon lagoon as part of the trip when a crocodile launched its attack.

According to the twins' older sister, Hana Laurie, writing on a Go Fund Me page set up to raise money for their medical care, Georgia's quick reaction and her previous water rescue training enabled her "to fight off the crocodile and drag Mel to safety." Georgia "punched the crocodile repeatedly as it came back three times to attack," while others in the group ran to seek help.

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The Evening Standard reports that crocodiles in the Manialtepec Lagoon can grow up to ten feet long.

Both twins were sent to the hospital following the scary incident. Melissa, a zookeeper, is now in a "delicate" condition. She is reported to have suffered an open wrist fracture, organ lacerations, internal bleeding, and water on her lungsand has been placed in a medical-induced coma while doctors try to drain excess fluid and regain her ability to breathe on her own.

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Georgia also suffered some injuries during the attack, but in an update from her older sister back in the UK, it's been confirmed that she has now been discharged from the hospital. "She has told us she went to see Melissa before she left and it was really hard," reads an update on Facebook and Go Fund Me from Hana Laurie. "Mel is very bruised, has two black eyes and deep cuts to her face, torso, and leg where the crocodile has bitten and scratched her."

The sisters' dad is planning to travel out to Mexico in the coming days to assist his daughters during this very distressing time. The family has said they are "overwhelmed with pride" at Georgia's quick thinking, which has hopefully saved Melissa's life.

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So far, the family has exceeded their £35,000 (P2.36 million) fundraising target, with over a thousand willing donors stepping in to help fund the medical and travel costs associated with the attack. "Thank you, everyone. From the very swampy pits of our anxiety-ridden hearts, thank you!" wrote eldest sister Hana on Go Fund Me.

We're wishing Melissa Laurie a safe and speedy recovery and hope both twins can get back home as soon as possible.


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