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Oops! Netizens Have *Mixed* Reactions To Inka Magnaye Feeling 'Annoyed' At PH Bike Lanes

Inka Magnaye bike lanes
PHOTO: Instagram/inkamagnaye

It’s no secret that social media has its fair share of good and bad. While it can be a source of entertainment and education, it can also be a platform for certain personalities to be *cancelled*, a phenomenon that puts someone in a bad light after a *reputation-ruining* act or statement. Aware of the risks, that doesn’t stop famous personalities from airing their thoughts on some issues! Case in point: Inka Magnaye has time and time again got vocal about her thoughts on social matters, the latest of which is about bike lanes in the country.

In a post by automotive journalist James Deakin, the influencer and famed voice talent took the time to critique the bike lanes in main city roads such as EDSA. She wrote, “I’ve been so annoyed at these “bike lanes”. They didn’t create extra space, it was just carved out of a car lane. So they still share it with cars or trucks. It still isn’t safe for riders. When we need to drive past a bicycle on the service road, we still have to counterflow a bit, or they have to squeeze themselves closest to the sidewalk. It’s such a bandaid solution, and it isn’t even a fresh bandaid."

Inka Magnaye bike lanes comment
FACEBOOK/Inka Magnaye

On Twitter, netizens had mixed reactions to Inka’s *strong* statement.

A now-deleted tweet roasted the influencer, calling her opinion a “shit take”, and pointed out that the bigger problem isn’t the bike lanes but the massive volume of cars resulting in city decongestion.

inka magnaye bike lanes issue
inka magnaye comment

Other Twitter users sided with Inka, calling the issue a result of poor reading comprehension, bringing up Iloilo’s admirable system of bike lanes.

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inka magnaye bike lanes tweet
inka magnaye bike lanes comment
inka magnaye bike lanes tweet

In her social media accounts, Inka shed light on her *real take* on the issue, clarifying that she doesn't mean any harm to cyclists and wants a safe and efficient system for them.

inka magnaye bike lanes

In a now-deleted post on Facebook, she wrote, “In case it wasn’t understood: I want better bike lanes. Being against bike lanes is ridiculous, and I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear with that.”

She added that her family uses two-wheeled vehicles as well and would love it if bike lanes in the metro were safer for riders. “I’m annoyed because the bike lanes we have now AREN’T done RIGHT, so they aren’t safe. That’s why I said it was just a bandaid solution. It doesn’t make sense to be annoyed at bike lanes in general."


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