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Expect Your Gas Budget To Increase—Another Oil Price Hike Today, March 19

Waaah! Not again!
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Motorists are warned about an oil price hike scheduled today, March 19. This is the sixth straight week that fuel prices have increased, and we’re feeling the pinch every time we visit the gas station. 

This consistent increase in fuel prices comes in tandem with the recent water sitch in Metro Manila and the rising summer temp, so expect intense rounds of ranting during your next wine and whine night. 

Just last week, oil firms already raised gasoline prices by P0.90 per liter (Ouch!). This week, The Philippine Star reported that “Unioil Philippines forecasted higher diesel and gasoline prices. Diesel should go up by P0.30 to P0.40 and gasoline should go up by P1.30 to P1.40 per liter.” Seaoil, Caltex, and Shell confirmed on Monday, March 18, that gasoline prices will increase by P1.45 per liter and diesel by P0.30 per liter. Prices are said to be increasing due to the tightening of oil exports in Saudi, lessening of crude oil output from the US, and overall tight supply in Asia. 

So, for our women who drive, please make the necessary adjustments to your gasoline budget. We’re hoping the fuel prices will start decreasing soon, before the public utility vehicles need to adjust their rates and our daily commute becomes more expensive. Waaah!

The price hike is scheduled to take place at 6 a.m., so if you’re a late sleeper (now) or an early riser (tomorrow), go fill up your tanks before the clock strikes six.

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