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Paulo Avelino Tweets: 'Stop Giving Celebrities Advice'


Out of nowhere, actor Paulo Avelino took to Twitter to express his frustration over those who give advice to celebrities and "people that aren't in your life." He posted on November 17, "Please do stop giving celebrities or people that aren’t even in your life advice. We don’t need to hear crap that you don’t even know about. You have your life to handle. Concentrate on it."

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The tweet was spotted and reported by

Prior to that tweet, he also posted this line: "I DO NOT WORK TO BE FAMOUS."

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Netizens were quick to react to his statement. Some gave The Promise of Forever actor words of support and encouragement.

A user named Era replied, "I guess this clearly explains why it's not your thing to share even the littlest details about your life off-cam. We noticed that but we understand. You're accustomed to your individuality and artistry; that's why you have earned my respect and support. Stay cool! :)"

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Another user also supported Paulo's statement: "People don't own you! You get paid because of the people but they need to keep silent and just admire your craft."

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However, there were also netizens who disagreed with Paulo.

One with the username @hisshissly replied, "Some fans might be doing it sincerely because they thoroughly care about their idols and didn't mean to be annoying."

Another, with the username @annmare_, felt sad about the pronouncement: "If it's for a fan, that's sad. Very sad. Fans would not want you to be upset about their advice but want you to be okay because all of them care. This is very sad. Ang sakit nito sa mga fans. Tsk."

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His I’m Drunk, I Love You co-star Jasmine Curtis-Smith retweeted his two posts.

As of press time, Paulo has not commented on the matter.

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