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The Philippines Now Has The Most Number Of COVID-19 Cases In Southeast Asia

The Philippines overtook Malaysia with 4,932 confirmed cases.
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The Philippines now has the most number of COVID-19 cases in Southeast Asia, overtaking Malaysia for the unwanted top spot in the region. On Monday, April 13, the Department of Health announced that with the addition of 284 new cases, the total number of confirmed cases in the country now stands at 4,932, just shy of the 5,000 mark. (Visit reportr's COVID-19 case tracker to check the latest stats daily.)

We currently have 242 full recoveries, but unlike other countries, the death toll is higher than the recovery number with 315 total deaths so far. Based on data from other Southeast Asian countries, the Philippines has the highest death-to-recovery ratio as one of only two countries where the number of deaths is larger than the number of recoveries. The only other country where this occurs is in Indonesia.

After the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia are the countries with the highest number of COVID-19 cases. 

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These are the current number of cases, deaths, and recoveries in Southeast Asia, according to the global COVID-19 tracker by John Hopkins University.


Total cases: 4,817
Total recoveries: 2,276
Total deaths: 77


Total cases: 4,241
Total recoveries: 359
Total deaths: 373


Total cases: 2,579
Total recoveries: 1,288
Total deaths: 40

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Total cases: 2,532
Total recoveries: 560
Total deaths: 8


Total cases: 262
Total recoveries: 144
Total deaths: 0


Total cases: 136
Total recoveries: 99
Total deaths: 1


Total cases: 122
Total recoveries: 77
Total deaths: 0


Total cases: 41
Total recoveries: 2
Total deaths: 4


Total cases: 19
Total recoveries: 0
Total deaths: 0


Total cases: 2
Total recoveries: 1
Total deaths: 0


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