Scarlet Snow Belo Will Make You Want To Learn A New Language

Good job, Scarlet!
PHOTO: Instagram/scarletsnowbelo

Without a doubt, Scarlet Snow Belo is one talented toddler. Her own Instagram account, @scarletsnowbelo, is filled with photos and videos of her learning how to (stop) dance, sing, act, wink (yes, it’s a skill), and how to ride a horse, to name a few. She’s also been learning how to speak Chinese, and she seems to be getting better and better at speaking the language.

Yesterday, October 27, Dra. Vicki Belo posted on her Instagram account, @victoria_belo, a video of Scarlet taking Chinese lessons—and this cutie can count. What a fast learner! Vicki was as amazed as we were, as she captioned the video: “So proud of you @scarletsnowbelo. How can you count to 50 so fast in Chinese at only 2 years old?” Scarlet turned two just last March of this year.

Last September, a video of her singing in Chinese, was posted on her Instagram account. How adorable!

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Check out the full clip below:

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