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Scarlet Snow May Be The Most Well-Rounded Celeb Toddler In The PH

She can really speak Chinese now!
PHOTO: Instagram/scarletsnowbelo

We have all witnessed from previous social media posts how the adorable Scarlet Snow Belo is sharpening her Chinese-speaking skills. Today, December 16, her Instagram account handler posted a video of her conversing in Chinese—and she is a natural! We can only imagine what the two-year-old daughter of Dr. Vicki Belo and Dr. Hayden Kho can still learn as she grows older.

The caption for the video reads, “I hope one day we will speak one language. Not the language of Chinese but the language of love. Good morning, people!”


Yesterday, Scarlet Snow was busy “building” her dreams too as she was talking to her father. While the father-daughter duo was on the road, Scarlet Snow spoke about becoming a builder. In the video, posted on Scarlet Snow’s Instagram account, she says, “If I’m tall and three years old, I can build a castle, I can build a tower like that tower.”

The caption reads, “If I'm tall and three years old, I will be a builder like my tita @alicegeduardo. I will build a castle with a huge playroom for all the children who have no playrooms and have to play in the streets. #MyBabyChristmasWish.”

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Could we possibly have a future multilingual engineer in our midst? At the rate she’s going, Scarlet can be anything she wants to be!

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