Solenn Heussaff Holds Her Second Art Exhibit

And Nico Bolzico has a funny and romantic post about it.
PHOTO: Instagram/nicobolzico

Solenn Heussaff—actress, painter, makeup artist, athlete, TV host, businesswoman—opened her second art exhibit “Kalsada” last Friday, October 20. The exhibit, which has a free admission, is held at the Provenance Art Gallery at Shangri-La Hotel at the Fort, Taguig City.

On her website, Solenn explains the concept behind “Kalsada”: “The subjects are based on everyday people I’ve seen and met while going around the Philippines. Unlike my first exhibit, this one is a collaboration between me and my three-year-old nephew Kaeden (you see him a lot on my Instagram). The series of paintings we came up with is all so colorful, even if some of the surroundings and expressions are quite sad. It was actually Kaeden who used so much color, and I guess it kind of makes you appreciate how children naturally see things in a positive way. And that’s why I did this with him—so our people’s stories can be brought to life in a much brighter light.”

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Solenn’s first exhibit called “Our People” was held in April 2016 at Pineapple Lab in Makati.

The Doting Husband

On October 21, Solenn’s husband, entrepreneur and athlete Nico Bolzico, posted on his Instagram words of appreciation for his wife. The message turned from supportive to funny to downright romantic—typical Bolzico fashion.

“Bebe! I am so proud of you. What you created with #kalsada was incredible,” Nico wrote. “You touched so many people in so many levels. Your talents never stop to amaze me. When I thought I saw it all ... BOOOM!”

Then he joked about the future of their relationship: “My big concern here is that you keep showing what a special human being you are and I am running out of jokes (my only real talent!). I am a one-trick pony! So I will make you sign a document that lawyers call the ‘Divorce Prohibition Because of Couple Talent Gap,’ meaning that if in a few years you realize that you are awesome and I am average, you cannot get a divorce! I hope our babies (not soon!) get everything from you, except for the humor, because we all know you try hard to be funny but it is not really happening!”

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Nico then ended his post convincing people of his talent with the use of hashtags: “#lookingfortalentstoshowandonlyjokescomeup #hashtagingisalsoatalentbytheway #captionflowgoesfromsweettofunnythatisalsoatalent #tobeabletoreadmyhashtagsisalatalent”

These two keep making us smile!

“Kalsada” runs until November 5.

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