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Solenn + Nico Celebrate Their Anniversary With Cute IG Posts

These two will always be #RelationshipGoals
PHOTO: Instagram/solenn

Actress and artist Solenn Heussaff and her husband, entrepreneur Nico Bolzico, are celebrating their second civil wedding anniversary.

On December 30 (Philippine time), Nico, who was in Argentina, posted on his Instagram account a photo of him in a suit and Solenn in a white dress. He wrote a sweet caption—naturally, it was infused with his sense of humor:

“Two years ago, we came out of this building after signing the most important contract of our lives! In the picture, our faces [are] still in shock, but it was the beginning of something unique! Until today I cannot believe you chose me as your partner [for] life and I promise to work every day for you not to change your mind!

“This is a super sweet message for the second anniversary of our civil wedding, something extremely relevant for any couple, and I know you forgot about it, but it is okay. I understand, just add one dot next to the 'Wifezilla Owes Nico' list; I will see what I can exchange it for! #forevermakessense #sosbolzorigins #wifezilla4lyf” 


It didn’t take long before Solenn wrote her own sweet message and equally funny comeback. She replied through an Instagram post: “Mi amore! Two years ago today it rained on the scariest and most memorable day of our lives. You are the best partner in life I could ever ask for! Hurry and come back home so we can celebrate. Also, I don’t need to add a dot on the 'Wifezilla Owes Nico' list because of the time difference. Lol. Te amo tanto!”

Solenn is in the Philippines, which is 11 hours ahead of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

On December 29, 2015, photos and videos of Solenn in a white dress and Nico in a suit were posted by their friends on social media, raising speculations that the two had already tied the knot. Solenn initially denied that it was a wedding, but later explained on her blog,, why she decided to keep the ceremony a secret.

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Solenn and Nico had their church wedding on May 21, 2016, in France.

Check out these cute photos also posted by Solenn on her Instagram stories:

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