The Ukranian Orphan Who Could Be An Adult Has Been Found In Indiana

Natalia is living with a pastor, his wife, and their five kids.

Remember that bizarre adoption case story where parenting author Kristine Barnett adopted a Ukranian girl named Natalia Barnett in 2010 only to abandon her years later because she and her ex-husband Michael believes she’s actually an adult posing as a child?

Well, if you’ve been following this truly strange story, and have been asking yourself, “What the heck happened to Natalia?” the answer is this: she’s been living in Indiana!

According to a report from the Daily Mail, Natalia, who has a rare form of dwarfism, is living with a newly-ordained pastor named Antwon Mans and his wife Cynthia and their five children. The devout Christian couple is aware of the mysteries surrounding Natalia, including her true age.

Natalia can pass off as a toddler because she has a bone disorder called spondyloepimetaphyseal dysplasia. Natalia’s new guardians consider her to be a teen daughter. Daily Mail wrote, “But depending on whom you believe, the bubbly, baby-faced ‘youngster’ is either a 16-year-old girl—or a 30-year-old ‘sociopath’ masquerading as a child.”

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The report also said that a family friend of the Mans called the couple “Good Samaritans” because they came across an abandoned child and took her in. Natalia entered their lives between 2013 and 2016 as they applied to become her legal guardians. They later withdrew their petition when a court ruling upheld that Natalia was born in 1989 and not in 2003.

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Despite Natalia being an adult, a friend of the Mans told the Daily Mail that Antwon and Cynthia “care for Natalia and she likes being there. There’s nothing crazy going on or anything.”

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