This Model Fell On The VS Runway But Still Looked Graceful AF

You still look fab, Ming!
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Falling on the runway is probably a model's worst nightmare, but the true test of a catwalker is how graceful they look doing it—and how they pick themselves back up. Model Ming Xi experienced that nightmare firsthand when she fell mid-runway walk during Monday's taping of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at Shanghai's Mercedes-Benz Arena—in front of an audience of 18,000 people.

But Ming handled the fall with grace, smiling the whole time.

Gizele Oliveira helped Ming steady herself so that she could pose at the end of the runway.

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And not only did Ming brush off the fall like it was NBD, she looked absolutely gorgeous in her blue ensemble, complete with floral wings and silver medallions.

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If the Victoria's Secret fashion show had superlatives, Ming would definitely get "Most Graceful Fall" and "Most Flawless Recovery." 

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