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What *NOT* To Do After Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine

Normally, if you just got vaccinated against COVID-19, you will be asked to stay at the vaccination site for at least an hour for observation. But what about when you get home? Could you drink alcohol after getting vaccinated? Should you refrain from doing your workout? In an interview with Summit Media journalists earlier this month, we asked Dr. Anna Ong-Lim of the Department of Health Technical Advisory Group for things one *shouldn't* do post-vaccination. 

"The precautions that are implemented after vaccination are really just to avoid being confused if you do develop some kind of symptoms," says Dr. Anna. "After vaccination, talagang may mararamdaman. Yung iba nagkakaroon ng pain sa side, nilalagnat, redness. Yung iba nilalagnat, yung iba nahihirapan ng kaunti yung katawan, nanghihina." 

She adds: "So if you already expect to feel something after vaccination and you unduly stress your body—nagpuyat ka pa, uminom ka pa, nag-exercise ka pa, nag-marathon ka paparang ang hirap tuloy matukoy kung saan nanggaling yung nararamdaman mo. So that's really more the reason to ask you to restrict your activities. Pero if you're not feeling anything, there's really no point in asking you to stay home and magtago ka na lang muna. It's very dependent on how each person reacts." 

When will the rest of the population get vaccinated? 

During the interview, we also asked Dr. Lim about the government's projected schedule for younger Filipinos to get vaccinated. Young adults and professionals are included in Group C, members of the population who are 18 to 59 years old without comorbidities and who aren't frontliners.  

"The national task force and vaccine deployment cluster, they're really targeting that the majority of the population should already be vaccinated by the end of the year." Dr. Lim says there are a lot of developments behind the scenes to get vaccines, and "if everything goes according to plan, baka by the end of the year masimulan na rin natin yung Group C." 

To know more about the COVID-19 vaccine, watch the video below: 


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