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'Ayoko Nang Maging Martir, So I Left Him'

These Cosmo Girls stopped making excuses and put themselves first.

"I left him because there's no more reason to stay. I stayed five long years because I was too busy at work to even take a look at what’s going on inside our relationship. Best decision I made!" - Kamila

"I loved him from afar. I chose to leave him because I know he will not love me the way I want him to. After years of waiting to be noticed by him, I let go of the idea of 'us.'" - Krysna

“I left him because he couldn't silence my fears and I wouldn't shut up about his. We were a tragedy from the beginning.” – Ches

"He always accuses me of dating and having sex with other guys even if I don't, yet he's the one who had one-night stands with other girls (how many, I don't know). He's only nice to me whenever he needs something from me, but if not, inaaway niya ako for whatever reason he could think of. Whenever we're asked by my relatives about wedding plans, he would say, "'Pag AKO kinasal..." I'm not included in his plans. He never says sorry and when he does, all the hurtful words have already been said and he just says sorry for the sake of it." - Jessa

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“I left him because I love myself. The kind of love he gave never compensated for the worth that I have.” - Margaux

"I know his life will be better without me and my life will be the best without him." -Debbie

"I decided to finally leave him because I've waited long enough for him to fully commit. When I asked him, he answered that it will never happen. So why stay?" - Ianne

"I left him because he said that my love for him is too much to hold on to. I have no other choice but to love him and his decision up to the last moment I could." - Cheng

“I left him because he doesn't love me anymore.” - Mia

"I left him because he doesn't make me feel like we're on equal footing." - Bim

"I left him because it’s hard to be in love with someone who's chasing somebody else. It's not good for me at all." - Heleina

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"I left him because I wanted to prove something." - Maria

“I left him because he didn't have plans for our future—even his own life. That's it. End of story.” - Cati

"I'm in the process of leaving him. I always knew I wasn't his priority—his kid (he's divorced) and work were. Two years of waiting and taking chances, fighting over the tiniest details. My life was somewhat happy before I met him. I was a positive person. Now I turned into the exact opposite. I was unhappy. Tell me, isn’t it enough reason to leave?" - Kiki

“I decided that it was the end when I saw how unsupportive he was of my dreams. It was a sad ending but it doesn't mean I won't forgive him. In time."- Camille


Why did you leave the man you love? When was enough really ENOUGH? Share your thoughts and feels in the comments section!

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