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10 Hot Man-Eating Sex Moves

Let him know how much you want him by trying out these simple tricks. Trust us: your honey will be blown away by how hot you are.

1. Run your nails up and down his back, and in slow figure eights, lightly press them into his skin. The sensations you'll create show off your primal desire for him.

2. During doggie-style, turn your head to the side, so he can see the pleasure on your face as he thrusts.

3. Every so often, take in the view of his penis going in and out of you, and let him catch you doing it.

4. Tell him exactly how freaking amazing he is. Saying something like "No one has ever done it like that before" will make him feel like a total rock star.

5. That thong you're wearing? You are way too ravenous to bother taking it off. Push the fabric aside, grab his penis, and tell him to enter you right now.

6. When your guy is on top, fondle your breasts and nipples with your hands. Tell him that he's turning you on so much, you just can't help but touch yourself.

7. One night, after you've parked your car in the garage (or in a secluded spot on the driveway), lock all the doors, instruct him not to move a muscle, and climb on top of him for a quickie.

8. Grab him by the hand, and lead him to the nearest wall. Bend over so that your torso is parallel to the floor, and put your palms flat against the wall. If he's too stunned by this amazing view of you, pull his hips toward you, and he'll be more than happy to take the hint.

9. Let him hear you gasp as he slips inside you. Have him thrust a few times, then ask him to enter you again. That moment of penetration is so pleasurable for a guy, he'll love knowing that you get off on it, too.

10. Use a silky scarf or necktie to blindfold your guy, then take him girl-on-top. Treat him to multiple sensations at once: Grind your hips in a circular motion, stroke his chest with the tips of your fingers, kiss his stomach...but refuse to take off his blindfold until he has climaxed.

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