10 Reasons Smart Men Are Sexy

They make reading look HOT.

1. They're great at conversation.
Smart men have an opinion on everything, from the latest political brouhaha to Taylor Swift’s 1989 album. (What, you don’t think they can appreciate a well-crafted pop record?) Bring them to your next family gathering, and they’ll blow all your titas away with their dazzling opinions. Your family will be so proud of you and all the smart unborn babies you are bound to unleash into the world.

2. They have a thirst for knowledge and new experiences.
It’s super adorable to see smart people get caught up in their passions. They’ll gush about the latest studies in their field, look forward to visiting museums, fantasize about traveling the world and seeing different cultures, and make watching documentaries about the moon landings actually sound exciting.

3. You can learn from them.
With their beautiful minds, they can help you understand complex issues that would otherwise be confusing AF. Yep, like the ancient Inca civilization? Congrats, you now have useless trivia to spout at your next office party! Or quiz night! 
If you’re a student, count on them to coach you through your mind-numbing calculus textbook, because they’re awesome like that.

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4. They can fix things for you.
While you tear your hair out in a corner over your latest computer conundrum, a smart guy can take a quick look at your PC and make everything better for you. It’s like ~*MAGIC*~.

5. They’re funny.
They can crack whip-smart jokes with perfect timing, peppered with pop culture references that show off how well-read and well-informed they are. Rawr.

6. They make reading look hot.
We all know from stalking the Hot Dudes Reading Instagram account that the seemingly harmless sight of a man with a book can turn women into raging nymphomaniacs. That intense look men get when they’re lost in a book? YOU WANT IT ALL OVER YOUR BODY. NOW.

7. They’re creative with affection.
With them, you don’t just hear “I love you.” You’ll get an aww-inducing birthday message a la Erwann Heussaff’s for Anne Curtis, or hear him quote F. Scott Fitzgerald like Anthony in That Thing Called Tadhana. YES, THEY READ F. SCOTT FITZGERALD. Also, THEY KNOW WHO F. SCOTT FITZGERALD IS!

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8. They have other interests they probably also win at.
It’s not enough that intelligent dudes are book-smart; they also seek out other activities to conquer, be it football or guitar playing or the lost art of tea-leaf reading. In fact, storm-braving news reporter Atom Araullo was a triathlete and he has a degree in Applied Physics. Think about that.

9. They have ambition.
Smart men have dreams and goals that are as big as their brains, so you can be sure they’ll ace the workplace and just basically #WinInLife. And once you lock that stud down for marriage, you’re pretty much set for life. In fact, you can just quit your day job now and go lunch with the ladies.

10. They’re just sexy—literally.
Smart men are more imaginative in bed, and more open-minded to trying things in the sack. In fact, don’t be surprised if they read up on ways to get you off, and maybe even pick up some clues from Fifity Shades of Grey.

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