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10 Reasons Your Boyfriend Loves Your Boobs

Number one: They are boobs.

1. They can make a boring sweater amazing. Oh, you think you're just throwing on some old, red sweater? Maybe if you were a guy. Boobs make sweaters sexy.

2. They make for great pillows. The major difference between boobs and pillows is we don't want to put our penis between two pillows. And that is a major difference.

3. They're hypnotic. Jiggling boobs are never not watchable.

4. They fit perfectly in his hand. There's no such thing as too big or too small.

5. They change shape. Are you bending over? Are you lying on your back? Are you standing? There are so many different ways to experience boobs, and it's never the same thing twice.

6. Cleavage. You could be wearing a garbage bag and he'd think it's a sexy look if he can see some cleavage.

7. They complement each other. There's something pleasing about boobs coming in a pair.

8. We don't have them. Sure, we love butts too, but we have those. Not having boobs makes them that much more interesting.

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9. Getting them pressed against us when we hug. You know how two guys pretty much never hug? We'd hug each other all the time if we had boobs.

10. They're boobs. We don't have any real definitive reason why we love boobs so much. They are boobs. Why does the sun rise and set? Why does the wind blow?

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