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10 Signs You Have A Great Sex Life

It makes you feel good about your body!

1. You enjoy it, no matter what. Some people want their sex lives to be hotter, tamer, more frequent, or less frequent. If you enjoy the sex you're getting as it is, PERFECT. Didn't orgasm? You're okay about it because you had fun with your partner anyway. That's important.

2. You feel good about your body. Imagine having sex with someone and all you're thinking about is how your face looks while you're moaning or if your stomach is folding in a weird way, or if your thighs are too big. You're bound to get dry down there if you're not in the moment or the mood, and the sex will stop until you're wet again. Doesn't sound very great, right? Yeah, because it isn't. If you have a good body image, you love your body, and you feel confident or cool about being naked, you up your chances of having great sex because you get to cooperate too and pleasure yourself.

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3. You and your partner can talk about what you want. This could be the position you want to do at the moment because you're feeling romantic or kinky, or fantasies you want to try and plan. Being open and checking what both of you are comfortable with help you understand each other and easily cater to your desires.

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4. You have a partner that wants you to climax. Even if he feels like finishing first he tries to hold it in and go longer just so you can experience that burst of pleasure. It's a thoughtful gesture that shows he's committed to making you feel good.

5. You don't feel forced into having sex. That usually takes the fun out of it especially since you weren't all that willing to begin with.

6. You don't feel like you're not having enough sex. If you're the type to count how many times you should be having sex each week or month and have some sort of quota, you're putting some strain into your sex life and you're focusing on the wrong thing. More sex doesn't even mean you'll be happier! Especially when you force your partner into it. It's about quality.

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7. You and your partner agree on spicing things up or keeping them as is. As long as you guys are on the same boat and happy, what's there to complain about? You might think you and your partner are crazy wild or crazy boring, but being happy with your sex life is what matters most, not what other people might think about it.

8. You guys don't take it against each other if something doesn't go "right." He's not hard enough? He came too fast? You're not wet enough? These things happen, and if you have a healthy and good sex life, you guys understand that and don't give each other shit for "screwing up."

9. You and your partner make each other feel sexy. This could be by teasing each other or sexting. There's nothing more arousing than finding your partner is naughty for you and wants you just as you are.

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10. You guys cuddle after sex and fall asleep together. Yup, you stay in bed and hold each other or look into each other's eyes or just keep your eyes closed with a smile on your facethat is, after you've peed so you don't get UTI, haha. It's cheesy stuff, but sex that ends well, one that doesn't make you feel hollow, is the best.

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