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10 Signs Your Relationship Is About To End

The intimacy is waning.

1. You guys hardly talk now. Neither of you asks "How are you?" or "How's your day?" because you guys just can't seem to care, or worse, you guys don't want to have anything to do with each other. This makes you both not updated with each other's lives.

2. You're always frustrated with each other. It might be 'cos he's not texting you anymore and you don't want to be the first one to text him and risk seeming needy. Or he just sounds really lame and bored with you when you guys do talk. In any case, you're annoyed with how things are between you.

3. You've stopped making time for each other. Yeah, you'd rather just be on your own doing nothing or drinking at night than hanging out or going on a date with him. Even if you know you probably should, you feel like you don't have the energy. You're not even sure why you don't want to see him. You just don't!

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4. You guys feel distant from one another but don't even do anything about it. "Nope, still not talking to him."

5. You get mad at each other about the smallest things. Like how he "seen-zoned" you when he really just went to the toilet before he typed his reply, or how you don't tweet sweet things about him anymore. You both know your relationship is on the edge and have become too agitated, so these "screw-ups" are magnified.

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6. The intimacy is waning. Apart from no longer opening up to each other, you've also stopped holding hands and doing more physical things even if you haven't seen each other for days. And one of you is somehow afraid or hesitant to reach out to the other person.

7. You feel tired from being in the relationship. You never thought you could feel exhausted or heavy-hearted just thinking about him. It takes great effort on your part to even reach out to him. You tell yourself that you might as well talk to him and ask him how he is, since you're still officially together.

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8. You fight more often. Negativity is all around you, so how can you guys not pick a fight every now and then? You don't really like it, but you can't help thinking that maybe the fight you're having now will be the last, and you sort of want it to be just so you guys can be at peace.

9. No one says "I love you" anymore. This doesn't mean the love's gone, but it sure feels like it. You might be waiting for him to say it first, but he might be waiting for you too. This waiting game doesn't really do you guys any good, but you still play it.

10. You start to think about your life without him. Because you feel like you should! You should totally be able to stand on your own. You don't need a man! You're better off on your own! That might be true, but they're not exactly good thoughts especially when you're still in a relationship and still want things to be okay with him at the end of day. Why not just try patching things up?

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These signs might mean you guys might be breaking up soon, but unless you guys actually talk about what on earth is going on between you two, you won't be able to save your relationship.

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