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10 Steamy Sex Scenes To Recreate In The Bedroom

Press play before you play.

Don’t you miss the times when a passionate, artfully crafted love scene from a film made your skin tingle? Your lips slowly lick your tongue? Your loins yearn for the touch of flesh? If copulation isn’t portrayed as hyperbolic comedy (think Bridesmaids or Aubrey Plaza’s To-Do List), it's hyper-real, which usually strips it of romance. And now that sex videos, scandals, and porn have become so easily accessible, voyeurism has become passé.

But that doesn’t always have to be the case.

If you’re looking to kick your romp-life up a notch, you can still turn to movies for inspiration. And to save you the trouble, we’ve even done the research for you. Trust, you and your man will be moaning in delight come end credits.

Now, all you’ve got to do is press play before you play. 

True Romance

The title isn’t reaching, because this crime thriller boasts one of the most quixotic encounters in movie history. When Clarence meets Alabama, it’s love at first sight and the classic fall-for-the-hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold storyline is given a rock and roll twist. There’s a lot of soft tongue touches and rolling around in grimy sheets. And although the scene isn’t available online, you’ll have to settle with some stills to Charles and Eddie’s "Wounded Bird," which was the actual song they used in the flick.

Leaving Las Vegas

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This intoxicating scene featuring Nicolas Cage and Elisabeth Shue only needs three ingredients to get you sloshed in excitement: 1) A poolside; 2) The scorching desert sun blinding in the horizon; and 3) A bottle of cheap whiskey dripping down her breasts as he gently drinks from them. Hangover: guaranteed!  


Fooling around in a diner bathroom and masturbating in front of her lover are just some of the risqué acts Diane Lane’s character blazes through in this tale of lust and revenge. But watch her angry makeup sex scene with Olivier Martinez by the dingy stairwell, and you'll find yourself searching for a shadowy hallway and a reason to get pissed at your guy–which shouldn’t be so difficult. 

Killing Me Softly

Before there was Christian Grey of Fifty Shades, there was this awful movie that didn’t scrimp on skin. The love scenes, however, are a fetishist’s fantasy. The BDSM-inspired shagging involving a silk scarf and strangulation is not for the faint of heart. WARNING: autoerotic asphyxiation–when done wrong–can be hazardous to your health. But when done right, can breathe life into your sex life. 

A History Of Violence

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Every man has had a pubescent cheerleader fantasy. And in A History of Violence, Maria Bello shakes her pompoms for husband Viggo Mortensen in some naughty role-playing that would send any bad gal to the principal’s office. 

Two Moon Junction


Soft lighting cinematography: check. Possibility of carpet burns: check. Video camera capturing the raunchiness in the background: check. Now, watch yourselves post-coitus and take notes for the next randy outing.

9 1/2 Weeks

We’ve got two words to spice things up for ya: FOOD TRIP!


Take your cue from ’90s sex goddess Demi Moore and seduce your beau at the office. There’s nothing like the fear of getting caught to heighten sexual adrenaline. And if you’ve got time to spare, photocopy your bums for fun. Plus points if you’re his boss.


Ahhh…there’s nothing like a little phallic pottery to get your man hot and horny. Again Demi Moore, in what is probably her most iconic love scene ever (thanks in large part to The Righteous Brothers’ LSS-inducing “Unchained Melody”), resurrects everyone’s faith in amorous intercourse. Just pray your guy has the guns of Patrick Swayze to lift you off the ground the way he does Demi in this supernatural romance.

Wild Things

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Every dude’s teenage masturbatory fantasy was Denise Richards and Neve Campbell swapping spit in Wild Things (Matt Dillon, you lucky bastard!). Toss in a bottle of champagne and it’s a party! But a threesome with two barely legal chicks is his pipe dream. Not yours. Letting another woman into your private quarters might be a literal and metaphorical sticky situation. This is solely for the sexually adventurous. But hey, to dream right?  

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