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10 Things Guys Love About Moving In Together

"When our powers combine, we form...some semblance of domestication."

1. We're two cogs in a well-oiled chore machine and we're both really vibin' on it. 
I cook, she washes up. I throw stuff in the washer, she's around later to move it over to the dryer. Oh, one of us is out? Don't forget to pick up some paper towels. We are a well-oiled machine that gets boring shit done like it's nothing. No more "entire days of chores" when you've put it all off for too long.

2. We're like roommates that sleep together. 
Plus, it frees up other rooms for other stuff. Also, I guess there are things like "love" and "companionship," but mostly you're saving money.

3. We can have sex instead of masturbating. 
You can roll over in the morning and start having sex. Making dinner? Try having sex at the same time (ASSUMING YOU ARE NOT NEAR OPEN FLAMES OR SHARP OBJECTS). No more late night, "hey, I know it's 1 a.m. but do you want to come over, LOL" texts.

4. Home-cooked meals for everyone! (Assuming one of you knows how to turn on an oven.) 
Hopefully one of you can and/or likes cooking. Either way, the days of getting fast food every night for a week are over. Someone will judge you shamefully and in the end, that's probably a good thing.

5. Every night is a sleepover...forever! 
You never have to figure out which one of you is coming over anymore.

6. We get to use your crazy-ass hair products. 
I don't know what the stuff in this pink bottle is but my hair feels like it's made out of angel feathers. I'm going to secretly start using it and then act like I have no idea what you're talking about when you ask me where "P1,000 of shampoo" went.

7. We have a human dream journal lying right next to us. 
If you have weird dreams all the time, you know how important it is to roll over and be able to tell someone about them immediately.

8. We know we're not going to live in a place with empty white walls like a serial killer anymore. 
I don't think most guys get excited about decorating, but it's admittedly nice to live in a place that is decorated. So it's nice to be forced to care about these kinds of things.

9. Girlfriends always have really comfortable beds AND NOW IT IS OURS! 
Odds are, you have all these foam inserts and plush pillows that are way better than all the basics we have. We are definitely winning here.

10. We've always got someone to watch scream at the TV with. 
Sometimes watching TV on your own is sad. I mean, who do you freak out with during "The Red Wedding?" Living together means someone will always be screaming along with you.


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