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11 Disadvantages Of Dating A Mama's Boy

Your cooking will never compare to mom's.

1. He’ll always turn to mom for advice. Since she’s been coddling him since he was wearing diapers, so every obstacle he encounters in life will need her two cents. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that it doesn’t include relationship problems.
2. Your sleep will be disturbed by tita’s super early calls. And no matter how hard you try to muffle the sound of her voice with a pillow over your head, you’ll never be able to shake away those haunting check-ins of “Anak, kumain ka na ba?” and “O, how’s my baby boy?” Si tita naman panira e!

3. He wants to bring ma on every vacation.
Forget sharing a room with your man if she’s the ultra-conservative type. Honeymoon for three, please! 

4. Your cooking will never compare to mom's. His reaction after you slaved over that not-so-shabby kalderetang kambing: “Mas masarap pa rin luto ni mommy!” Quick! Don’t give him ample time to dodge that dish flying towards his face.

5. She will constantly pester you about her son’s whereabouts.
Don’t worry, she’s only having a senior moment and forgot that her unico hijo is already 30-years-old.

6. He’s used to his mother waiting on him hand and foot.
So good luck getting him to conquer those tedious household chores. Remember, you didn’t get into this relationship to be his personal maid. If he isn’t budging, you can call up his mom. She did wipe his ass on a daily basis, anyway.

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7. There’s sure to be a compromise when it comes to your privacy. The worst part is she knows even the tiniest details of every argument you’ve had and takes his side on everything. And when you confront him about it…

8. He always takes the side that provided him with a uterus during his days as a fetus. They were only connected by a placenta for chrissakes!
9. When she’s around, he reverts to a child. It’s always “mom, can you do this” and “mom, can you do that” so ready that pacifier to stick in his big baby mouth when he starts whining to mommy.

10. He refuses to shower you with gifts, praise, or attention…for fear she’ll get jealous. Of course he loves you, but not just as much as he loves his mother. Sweet, right?

11. Because she’s omnipresent in your lives, you may get a mental image of her during sex. His predilection for suckling at your breasts should have been your first clue that–although it felt good–it was never going to work. 

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