11 Girl Stereotypes That Have To Stop Going Around

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1. That she’s all about shopping. Not every girl has unlimited cash. There are girls who save money and spend wisely, too.

2. That she feels the need to wear makeup every day. Some girls feel they need to wear makeup every day because of societal pressure. Some girls HAVE TO as part of their job. Most of them though just want to. More often than not, it’s a preference, just like not wearing makeup is a preference of other girls.

3. That if she’s pretty, well, she’s just a pretty face. It’s kind of sad and annoying when people are surprised that a pretty girl is smart and kind, too. What do looks have anything to do with intellect and compassion?

4. That she’s insecure. Just because she’s a girl, doesn’t mean she’s naturally insecure hence needs to be complimented all the time. There are girls who’ve always been very comfortable with themselves no matter the odds, and women who’ve managed to beat their insecurities once and for all.

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5. That she’s moody. Not every girl is moody. If a girl is moody, it’s not because she’s a girl. It’s probably because something crappy happened that ruined her day.

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6. That she’s good with kids and nurturing. There are girls—I’m one of them—who don’t know what to do when a baby is crying or whimpering. We’ll just stand there and ask the baby what’s wrong, like the baby can talk back. Assuming all girls are nurturing and good with kids puts unnecessary pressure or stress on them when they’re really not, and risks assigning them roles they don’t want to take on at the moment or ever.

7. That she loves taking selfies. Some girls don’t have time for that.

8. That she cares so much about her weight. She might just want to be healthy when she says no to a burger. Let’s not make quick assumptions, and let’s not belittle girls who care about their weight and starve themselves—they might be needing help.

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9. That she always plays coy. Girls can play mind games and speak through their tone rather than their words. But when she wants something and knows that saying so will let her get it, she’ll say she wants it.

10. That she’s spoiled or wants her guy to spoil her. Girls, like any other person out there, just want to be treated right and respected. So call when you say you’ll call, don’t leave her hanging, don’t cheat on her. No guy has to buy her a car or a designer bag—she’s not asking for that. But if a guy wants to spoil her, he can go right ahead.

11. That she’s jealous of every girl she meets. Oh, please. We won’t be jealous of girls who got nothing on us.

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