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11 Questions To Consider Before You Decide To Get Married

Are your partner's weird habits something you can live with FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?

1. Are you financially stable? Make sure your wallet can handle the actual wedding ceremony and the home expenses you'll have after the wedding—the electric and water bill, groceries, and rent—ang dami!

2Can you give up your personal space? Getting married means moving in with someone and breathing the same air. Not to mention a bathroom and a bed. If you’re the type of person who still needs alone time on a daily basis, maybe stay single for a little while longer.

3. Are you willing to relocate? Your dream home might not be in the area your partner wishes to reside. The key here is to compromise. Work on finding a residence that appeals to both of your needs.

4. Do you respect each other’s family? Hey, his ’rents are going to be yours, too! Forever. Gross older brothers and doting mother-in-law included.

5. Are your partner’s bad traits something you can live with? His disruptive moodiness, bad toilet habits, and offensive jokes should be things you’ve already accepted and have given leeway to work on. If these are going to be cause for marital turmoil, think again before walking down the aisle.

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6. Will children be part of your future? Most marriages are forged with offspring in mind. Discuss the nature of your relationship and the possibility of building a family. You may not be on the same page when it comes to kids, but opening a healthy debate will only strengthen your partnership.

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7. Do you see yourself ever cheating on him? Of course, this isn’t something racing through your mind while in the throes of a romantic relationship, but really consider it. Would you ever give in to temptation? Are there other men who have caught your fancy? If you answered yes to any of these queries, then dear CG, don’t accept the ring.

8. Is your sex life alive and kicking? Or at the very least, is it still doing it for you? Girl, you’re vowing to sleep with only one person for the rest of your life. Repeat that. ONE. PERSON. FOR. THE. REST. OF. YOUR. LIFE.

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9. Are you ready to endure hardship? Medical battles, fiscal woes, and professional upsets are bound to come sooner or later. No marriage is perfect.

10. Is he the person you’re willing to share most (if not all) your secrets with? Being open and sharing your deepest, darkest self with someone is not as easy as putting your best foot forward. If he can accept you, awful traits and all, just as you have accepted his, you’ve got a keeper!

11. Are you in love? This one is pretty obvs.