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11 Reasons Sporty Girls Kick Ass

You look great in clothes and in bikinis. But admittedly, you look best naked.

1. You’re not afraid to get down and dirty. Scrapes, bruises, and some mud in your hair? It’s a normal day in the name of the sport. Hindi ka maarte because you play to win because…

2. Everyone knows you’re super competitive! Nobody remembers the second or third placers, right? Losing is not an option. You got this.

3. You don’t have a problem eating with gusto. There are no fancy diets in your routine. Carbs are your best friends.

4. And because of your superior physicality, wearing a bikini is just so much easier. Your confidence in your body shows because being fit and strong is the new sexy.

5. You’ve got an insta-squad in the form of your teammates. The camaraderie is like a sisterhood. You’re like a regular barkada, only you girls kick ass on and off the court/field/arena of your chosen sport.

6. Boys are simultaneously enamored and scared of you. Maybe it’s because you’ve got stronger guns than they do, which can actually be a big turn-on.

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7. Plus, you’re the type of gal men can take to a sports bar, chug a few beers with, and watch the game. Not that you don’t enjoy fancy dinner dates here and there, but letting loose with you is just tons of fun!

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8. Your drive and discipline translate to your professional life. You aren’t easily fazed by stress and the rigors of the daily grind. Your athleticism has taught you that when life throws curveballs at you, you have to push harder.

9. Younger girls look up to you as an inspo. You’re a role model for girls who want to get into sports but are too scared to do so. #LifePeg

10. You know how to play by the rules. And you’ve got grace under pressure. That’s the winning combo right there. Dominate, girl!

11. You do you and nothing else. You’re unafraid to pursue your passion for sports despite what other people think. You’re stubborn, but in the best way possible. Not only are you a force to be reckoned with when you’ve got your game-face on, but you're also a winner at life!

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