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11 Reasons Why Guys Like Girls Who Are In Control

He knows that if someone has ill intentions, your inner-bitch will certainly take over the situation.

1. Choosing a restaurant to dine in doesn’t have to be a drawn out game. If there’s one thing guys can’t stand, it’s fickle-mindedness when his stomach is grumbling in hunger. Girls in control know what they want and want it as soon as possible. Granted, you two might end up at a salad bar. Not his first choice, but at least he can sit and eat in peace.

2. You never need him to drive you around. You know where you want to go and how to get there…on your own.

3. Couple decision-making is easier. “Babe can we go to Shang for a movie tonight?” “But love, I told you I want to shop in Rockwell.” “Okay…” ’Nuff said.

4. He doesn’t need to worry about people taking advantage of you. He knows that if someone has ill intentions, your inner-bitch will certainly take over the situation.

5. You’re a bawsss in the workplace. You dominate your office, crossing out tasks like it’s a breeze while the other minions complain about the grind. And still, you have time to go out and hang with your girl friends.

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6. He likes how you’re not affected by his mom’s alpha-female vibe. Two can play that game, tita!

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7. You’re inherently independent. He loves the fact that you rarely need his help and appreciates it when you pretend that you do. Ahhh…the things you do for love.

8. Plus, you’re amazing at budgeting. He’s more relaxed during overseas vacays because he doesn’t need to worry since you handle the money (which you secretly love to do because you get to allot some cash for shopping, he he).

9. When she sees a potential threat to your relationship, she takes no prisoners. That office hot tart who’s been flirting with you 24/7: she’s pretty much dead meat.

10. Your sense of control extends to your care for him. He enjoys how you make plans for the two of you and execute them as seamlessly as possible. Surprise dinner: check! Stress-relieving massage after: check! CG, you’re a keeper!

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11. It shows in the bedroom. You telling him what to do and how to do it? Most definitely a turn on!