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11 Reasons Why You Should Date A Cat Lover

They're chill AF. Like their kitties.

1. Cat lovers, like their feline friends, are very independent. He won’t be clawing for your attention, which will allow you to breathe in the relationship.

2. He can’t use the “sorry I have to go home and walk my dog” excuse to flake on you. See reason #1. Cats can walk themselves, thank you very much!

3. They’re chill like their kitties. There’ll be no jumping around wanting to play fetch like what most dog owners encounter. You guys can hang as his little kitten fiddles with a ball of yarn.

4. The concept of “me time” is almost always upheld. Since cat people are somewhat introverted, he’ll need his space every so often. At least now you can go do all the things you want to do that he won’t accompany you to, like go window-shopping or get your nails done.

5. There’ll be no wet dog smell lingering in his apartment. Canines tend to get stinky and are kind of a drag when it comes to maintaining cleanliness. You might have to deal with the pungent aroma of kitty poop, but a cat guy, like his small-pawed pals knows that…

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6. Great hygiene is a top priority. There’s a self-sustaining system in place when it comes to grooming. But don’t worry, he doesn’t lick himself. 

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7. Neediness is a trait they don’t recognize. Which works out great because you aren’t a needy kind of girl anyway! Not. At. All.

8. You’ll have a cute ball of fur to snuggle with when he’s not around. Just make sure those nails aren’t too sharp! You wouldn’t want to be its human scratching post.

9. Cat people usually like other animals too! They don’t discriminate. They know that all the furry creatures on this planet deserve a home! That’s why he took you in! Lolz!

10. He’s a refined intellectual. Because opting for a cat as a pet is the smarter, non-conformist choice. Well, at least, according to cat lovers.

11. He likes pussy! :p

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