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11 Reasons You Should Date A Man Who Reads Books

He's the best person to talk to about anything and everything.

1. We’re the perfect errand date, because you can leave us in a corner so we don’t bother you when you’re doing your own thing…like shopping. Or getting a mani-pedi at the salon. We won’t hurry or pester you into getting your sh*t done. We’ll just find a quaint café, bust out the latest page-turner that’s been keeping us up all night, and leave you be. That way, everyone is happy.

2. We know how to use our imagination. 
The awesome thing about reading is that, unlike a movie or TV show, it allows an individual to create personas and entire worlds in their head. Imagine how that can work to your favor in the bedroom.

3. We’re a treasure chest of quotable quotes. 
A quirk you can use to amp up your Instagram posts. Imagine never running out of eloquent, superfluous one-liners to caption your #nofilter pictures of sunsets, cloud porn, or latte art.

4. You can ask us to copyedit. 
Whether it’s a letter, a speech for work, or even just a Facebook shout-out, we can be that grammar Nazi you always needed in your life. Just don’t hate us when we correct your punctuation.

5. Conversations will never be boring. 
Being well read means having an opinion and knowing/respecting the opinions of others as well. A trait that will go well once you introduce him to friends and family alike. Only, make sure to shut him up when he starts blabbering about all the high fantasy fiction he’s got a geek-boner for. People can only hear so much about LOTR.

6. You can gauge our interests based on what book we’re reading.
No more guessing if he’s a Marvel guy or a DC guy (yes, comics are literature too). Does he prefer Batman or Superman? Is he into crime thrillers or science fiction? Scan his shelves and you’ll get answers to your questions. A trick that will come in handy when buying him presents. Speaking of presents…

7. Gift giving will be inexpensive.
Paperbacks won’t burn metaphorical holes in your pockets, and a hardbound copy of our favorite author’s latest outing is still cheaper than say, a PS4 (which we’re telling you we’d still want despite our love for lit). Write a charming note on the first page, wrap it up, and watch us consume that baby in no time.

8. If you want to distract us, just leave us in National Bookstore or Fully Booked.
We’ll spend a good hour browsing through our favorite sections, while you sneak out to get a haircut or window-shop for possible new outfits.

9. We’re old school.
We’re not absolving ourselves from the popularity of reading online. We enjoy our BuzzFeed and 9gag fix just as much as the next guy. But there’s something to be said about someone who still seeks out the novelty of a good…erm…novel.

10. We’re well-informed.
Reading books not only provides people the chance to expand their vocabulary, but also the opportunity to acquire knowledge by flipping through pages.

11. We’re wise beyond our years.
The act of reading can help an individual transcend time, space, and other kinds of boundaries that the physical world puts upon him. It can make a person empathic by showing what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes as they face a conflict foreign to the reader’s existence. Reading has the power to incept ideas and break beliefs. And the best thing about this wealth of information and knowledge is it can be easily shared.

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