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11 Signs He's Ready To Get Married


1. You’re both comfortable living with each other. And when it comes to bathroom activities, there’s no shame in going for a pee while the other one brushes by the sink. Love can be gross, but it’s worth it.
2. He’s got a stable job and can balance his responsibilities. He makes a living good enough to take care of himself and expresses interest in taking care of you. Not that you need him to, but knowing that he adores you so much that he wants to can clue you in on his romantic intentions.
3. He no longer tells you he needs his alone time. Because when it comes to giving him space, you’re already generous, and he is with you too. You’ve figured it out! There’s no more need for all the unnecessary drama when one of you needs a break.
4. Your families have been integrated. Meaning, he can stand your doting mother and you can stomach his overwhelming relatives. Your love for each other extends those who were in his life before you even met.
5. He’s willing to merge your assets. A shared bank account might seem scary, but doing it encourages a transparency needed in building a lasting bond.
6. He’s accepts you wholly–both for your best attributes and worst imperfections. He loves you not only when you’re your sweet loving self that looks after him and listens to his problems, but also understands when you’re a train wreck dealing with her own life struggles.
7. He’s willing to sacrifice his single lifestyle. No more late night strip-bar visits with the boys. No more binge drinking on the weekdays as a means of letting loose. And no more flirting with random hot babes just to rack up a booty-call list.
8. He totally gets your bedroom needs. He’s aware of what buttons to push, which parts to kiss, and how to stimulate you for maximum pleasure. Hey, if you’re going to buy a car and drive it for the long haul, you should have at least given it a test spin or three.
9. Building a home and family are on his list of priorities. These are the life goals he sees as next steps in bettering himself. And he wants you as his partner for it.
10. When it comes to you, he isn’t ashamed of baring his soul. He shares his future plans, his deepest darkest secrets, his most coveted wants and desires with you. You’ve become his most trusted sounding board, and he is that for you as well.
11. He has a ring, has gotten down on one knee, and has asked for your hand in marriage. Question is, are you ready to say yes?

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