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11 Signs Breaking Up With Him Was The Best Decision You’ve Ever Made

Seeking out relationships that aren't self-destructive makes sense.

1. Changing your Facebook Status from “In a Relationship” to “Single” feels like a pair of shackles has just been removed from your ankles. You can taste the freedom and it is oh so sweet!

2. He posts bitter, angry messages on social media for the whole world to see. Once a hater, always a hater.

3. He’s already on the prowl without even mourning the relationship. That’s because he’s a grade-A relationship-hopper. In other words, he’s also a grade-A a-hole!

4. You suddenly have time to enjoy the company of your friends and family. For some reason, he kept you away from those who matter most in your life. Time for some catching up with the girls, CG!

5. Your parents are bouncing off the walls in ecstatic joy. They're celebrating the fact that their bullshit meter was right all along.

6. You’re generally a happier person to be around. Gone are the days of bawling because you just went through another petty fight. Now, people actually want to hang out with you.


7. Suddenly, seeking out relationships that aren’t self-destructive makes sense. Say goodbye to bad boys, partyphiles, and philanderers. It’s time to be an adult!

8. Your hobbies and passions are finally taking up more of your time. You were just too busy navigating the ins and outs of a rocky relationship to realize that, first and foremost, you need to do you.

9. People are telling you that you look great, a load seems to have been taken off your shoulders, and that there’s a glow about you. And all you had to do was dump the jerk! Who knew?

10. Masturbation feels much more pleasurable than actual sex with him. Whitney Houston was right: Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.

11. You’re suddenly not questioning every single detail of your being. Yes, you can wear that sexy dress! No, you don’t look fat at all. Of course you’re brave enough to land that job. He no longer has the power to makes you feel insecure and small.

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