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11 Signs You're The Annoying Couple Of The Barkada

You guys make group dinners super awkward.

1. Your relationship is so bipolar when you’re around your friends. One minute, nilalanggam kayo from being super sweet to each other, then before you know it you’re screaming, arguing, and pulling each other’s hair out! Make up your mind, guys! Ano ba ’yan?

2. Your endless couple pics get no love on social media. Face it. You’re no AlDub or JaDine. People are over you, so get over it. You’re no OTP.

3. The single people in your barkada refuse to be left alone with you and your boyfriend. It’s probably because you have the inherent capacity to make anyone feel like they’re a third-wheel. Even if they are, you shouldn’t be rubbing it in their faces.

4. People know too much about your relationship. Whether it’s the great moments or your dirty laundry, the whole squad is aware of the state your relationship is currently in. “Umiiyak nanaman si Janina?” “Yup, nag-selos na naman ata si Christian!” Teleserye lang ang peg?

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5. And when you confide in your friends, they’re sick of giving you the same advice over and over again. Ano kami, sirang plaka? There’s no use bitching to your friends if you aren’t going to listen to them anyway.

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6. Parties, out-of-town trips, and celebrations are usually ruined by the unwanted tension you guys bring. If you’re just going to be a couple of buzzkills, why even attend in the first place? Rule of thumb: make sure to deal with your shit before socializing.

7. And because of this, there are secret gimiks that you two aren’t invited to. Ang sakit no? Mas masakit para sa kanila kung kasama pa kayo.

8. There’s also a secret Viber/What’s App/FB Messenger group that you're obvs not a part of. Where else would those secret gimiks be planned?

9. When it’s your turn to make plans, everyone else is busy. They have prior engagements…far, far, FAR away from you and your beau.

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10. People keep telling you that you should just break up with each other. The reasons being you’re not healthy for one another, hindi kayo bagay, and/or you’re better off alone. The truth hurts.

11. You were both annoying even when you were single. Hey, two wrongs don’t make a right.