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11 Signs Your Relationship Is Chill AF

You're not the couple who makes hanging out awkward by wearing your relationship problems on your face.
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1. You’re not embarrassed to hang out with each other in your pambahay.

The oversized sweatshirts, ratty boxers, and straight-out-of-bed hair combo is your fave look around him. Just make sure to hide those granny panties. (Actually, okay lang rin pala kahit hindi.)

2. Friday nights are reserved for TV series marathons and binge-eating!

Instead of blowing this month’s salary on expensive liquor at Valk, you two would rather curl up next to each other in bed. Goodbye FOMO and say hello to JOMO (joy of missing out).

3. You can spend weekends holed up in your apartment, simply enjoying each other’s company.

With lots of hot sex, of course. You can’t forget the hot sex.

4. He doesn’t force you to hang with his friends when you’re not in the mood.

And you don’t haul is ass to long dinners with your BFFs when all he wants to do is stay home and play videogames. You’re both chill like that.

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5. Your dates don’t involve getting dressed up for fancy restaurants.

You two prefer fuss-free picnics at the park, one-on-ones at the local coffee shop, or trips to local museums.

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6. DIY gifts are your choice of milestone present.

Forget the luxurious jewelry, branded bags, and pricey shoes.

Your gifts for each other are personalized, far superior than anything that can be bought at the mall.

7. The vacations you take usually turn into adventures.

Getting lost in a strange city, working with a tight budget, and winging it? No problem!

8. You’re not the couple who makes everything awkward during barkada hangouts by wearing your relationship problems on your face.

So when the gang gets together, you do your best not to make things awkward for everyone else. Playing it cool: ’ship #goals!

9. You have no problem watching him let loose and drink.

And he affords you the same. Beers with your beau: always fun! You’re aware of the stress that comes with your daily lives, so when it’s time to unwind, you’re the first one to clink your glass to his for a toast.

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10. You laugh at each other’s jokes.

Even if you two are the only ones who find it funny.

11. When you guys talk about the future, especially when it comes to building a marriage and family, there’s no pressure coming from either side.

You both know that in time, you’ll eventually get there.