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11 Social Media Habits That Are Ruining Your Relationship

Like monitoring everything he does on Facebook.

1. Expecting your guy to gush about you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Because he has to show everyone that he's crazy about you and is so in love with you! That should keep the girls crushing on him, those abangers, away, right? And people just have to know how lucky you guys are to have each other so that they'll wish to have what you guys have and get kilig!

Newsflash: The only person he's thinking of when he's going crazy about you is YOU, and that's how things should be. Let him be affectionate in his own way, and people will just know it. As for those abangers, well, they're a stubborn lot. Just laugh at them or something. If your guy loves you, he'll choose you without question.

2. Wanting your guy to update his relationship status. Honestly, the relationship status is only a pretty big deal when you want to announce your engagement or your marriage. Or to announce you're back on the market. Otherwise, it's not sooooo great to be Facebook official with your guy. What would it do for your relationship, really? Being official with him in real life is so much more important. So important that it's what matters. Focus on making your bond grow, not on the status. Anyway, people are bound to know you guys are together through your pictures or when they see you in person.


3. Comparing your guy with your friend's guy, and your dates with your friend's dates. "Look at Tom. He has sweet photos of him and Jean! May buhat-buhat laughing shot pa silang nalalaman! Why don't Angelo and I have that? And why doesn't he take me to fancy dinner dates?" Girl, you're forgetting those times he prepared food for you, and homemade meals are sweet too. Stop comparing, since you'll only spoil the great thing you already have.

4. Monitoring your guy's Facebook activity. Okay, you got a lot of time in your hands, don't you? We bet you've thought "WHAT?! He liked Kat's BLURRY beach photo? How could he? The lighting isn't even good!" or "Hey, he didn't tell me he was attending this event!" And we're pretty sure you've felt jealous. Jealous of the girls whose photos he liked, or jealous about all the fun and lively things going on in his life. Avoid browsing aimlessly so you won't have to feel bitter or frustrated with him.

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5. Getting mad at your guy for replying late, when he's already seen your message. You have to know he's not seen-zoning you. He probably just went to the toilet or, you know, is actually working at the moment. Late replies shouldn't be a cause for a fight, really. They shouldn't even be the last straw, especially when you're chatting during work hours.

6. Feeling bad that your guy isn't as active on Facebook as you are. Or how he's not present in other social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram, so you can't tag him on photos. Because everyone just has to know it's official, right? They have to know you're not making your relationship up! Face it: Other people might have other things to do and be caught up with. Some people just aren't very interested in Facebook. They're probably just even there because they had to be. It's not big enough to be a deal. 


7. He doesn't like being photographed, so you guys don't have photos together. This might suck not just because you want other people to see how you and your guy are, but because you want to relive some of your memories. And your feeling of tampo is aggravated because you want to post the photos to your profile page and see them there. Here's a compromise: Tell your guy your photos together are just for the two of you. He's bound to be comfortable with that because he'd want to relive your fun times too without other people minding your pics. Just make sure you keep your word.

8. Getting mad at him for not liking your photos and posts. Yes, you are definitely losing your mind for freaking out about how he liked this girl's profile picture and he didn't like yours, at least not yet. Is your photo even great? Maybe he's just being honestdon't you want that? Kidding aside, don't take the likes, or their absence, personally. It's possible that your photo didn't even show up yet on his feed, so he doesn't know you changed it.


9. One of you is too attached to the phone. This is probably the first reasonable concern on this list that even couples who've been together for a while might go through. If one of you, or both, just scroll through your feeds and not even talk to each other anymore, well, what kind of quality time is that? It's also pretty disrespectful to be more focused on your feed than on your date, and that's got to hurt someone's feelings.

10. Making parinig about how you should be treated. Do you realize how embarrassing this is for you and your partner? Yes, you're making him look bad for not treating you right. But you're also making yourself look bad if your demands are unrealistic or because you seem so immature about it (you're whining about it instead of confronting your guy so he can work on being better). Doing this just doesn't fix anything, and it can most likely worsen things because you're making your guy, someone you say you LOVE, the last to know about a problem and making him look like a fool. That's harsh. (You might even blow your chances of a reconciliation.)


11. Entertaining exes or old crushes that can result in cheating. You might think that you guys are just chatting, but when that goes out of control and you talk to your ex all the time, the emotional connection will be hard to deny especially when you're having such a good time chatting with him. While you might have to define what "cheating" is, you should know that you should be protecting your relationship from whatever and whoever that can break it.

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