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11 Things You Should Never Do To A Penis

Think of this as an LOL instruction manual (that you should take seriously).

In an ideal world, everyone's genitals would come with instruction manuals as thick as the ones that come in the glove compartment of your car. They'd be full of helpful diagrams and feature an entire chapter on the best way to give the owner an orgasm. But they don't exist, because human beings don't have a glove compartment (you could make a case for the butt effectively being a glove compartment but who wants to roll up an instruction manual and wedge it in there).

My point is, there are proper and improper uses of a penis. You're probably familiar with the proper uses. And hopefully you're OK with improper uses, but just in case you're not, here they are:

1. DO NOT bend a hard penis.
The penis is not designed to bend at extreme angles, especially when it is in its erect state. Do not attempt to bend the penis past 30 degrees.

2. DO NOT bite a penis.
The skin surrounding the penis is incredibly sensitive and puncturing it could result in serious injury.

3. DO NOT flick or slap a penis.
The penis is not a miniature version of an inflatable bop bag and operators should not treat it as such.

4. DO NOT apply excessive friction to a penis.
While some friction is encouraged, vigorous friction could result in what is basically rug burn. Ignoring this rule could result in a trip to the hospital wherein a doctor will disapprovingly say, "That's a friction burn."

5. DO NOT place a penis in a wall socket or toaster connected to a power source.
As tempting as it might be, do not use a penis to loosen wall sockets or fish half a bagel out of your toaster. Always unplug toasters before doing this.

6. DO NOT clean a penis with household cleaners.
You might be tempted to treat the penis as if it was the countertop in your kitchen, but abrasive household cleaners are going to be harmful to the penis's integrity. Soap and water will do just fine, no matter how dirty the penis gets.

7. DO NOT steam clean the balls.
As tempting as it may be, wrinkled testicles are normal and any attempt to steam clean the penis will result in grievous injury.

8. DO NOT stand on a penis to reach a high shelf.
Penises are non-load bearing (YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN). Do not put your full weight on the penis, or serious injury could occur to both you and the penis.

9. DO NOT overexert the elasticity of a penis.
Do not pull on the penis past the point of resistance. Despite some tensile strength, the penis was not designed to be stretched.

10. DO NOT apply excessive pressure to a penis.
The penis is incredibly sensitive and is not designed to withstand blunt force trauma or large amounts of pressure.

11. DO NOT attempt to put anything inside the penis.
The opening at the head of the penis is not designed to allow objects to pass into the penis. Do not place anything inside the penis or obstruct the opening.


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