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11 Ways To Tell If He's Totally Liking The Sex

He's ready for round 2! Awwyiz!

1. He moans like a mofo! Those wails and grunts coming from him are his caveman way of expressing pleasure.

2. The flesh on your back becomes kind of painful (but in a good way) from all his grabbing. That gigil factor should flatter. It means that you two are doing all the right moves and he just can't help himself.

3. He starts grasping for things to pull on... like your new 300 thread-count sheets or your hair. You decide which will be better for your sanity post-coital.

4. The foreplay is spectacular. His kisses are sweet and tender, and he treats your body with the utmost admiration, lingering on the parts that matter. When this is how he preps you for the actual act, you know the intro is just a precursor to the utter ecstasy that follows.

5. He's taking his time with it. There's no mad drilling into you like his an out-of-work porn star because there's no rush to climax. He wants to succumb to the experience. Take it all in. Swim between the sheets as you lose yourselves in each other.

6. His pupils are dilated. Not that you have the time to stare deeply into his peepers as you're humping him silly, but arousal triggers the expansion of the pupils. This is one of the primary tells our species has as vessels of pleasure.

7. He goes down on you with as much gusto as a dog licking a T-bone steak. Maybe you should offer him a beer while he's at it? Better yet, light a cigarette for him so it's ready when he's over.

8. Surprise! Surprise! He wants to cuddle. You know he was digging the randy romp if he gets all clingy and spoon-y right after. Especially since he isn't touchy-feely on the reg anyways.

9. The snores he unleashes keep you up all night. Congrats, you've done your job! If he's off to dreamland when the body party is through, it means he's a satisfied (and super sleepy) customer in the sack.

10. He's hungry as a horse when you're done. Because you unleashed his inner animal, draining him of his man-fuel with some energetic intercourse, now he's got to load up on the grub!

11. He's ready for round 2! You know what they say: it's so good, he keeps coming back for more! See, now he's got to load up on the grub!