12 Perks Of Dating Smart And Funny Girls

Your parents will love everything about her!

1. It's like hiring a lifetime tutor...for free. 

Forget a word? She's practically a walking dictionary. Trying to remember which philosopher said that inspiring quote you wanted to get a tattoo of? She'll help you out. Attempting to budget your money better? She's got a few money tips for you. Life's easier with her big bag of knowledge inside that brain of hers.

2. There will always be something to talk about. 

Instead of being forced into a claustrophobic corner to talk exclusively about how much you love her and how much she loves you, a conversation with the SAF (smart and funny) girl is way more open-ended. On occasion, you might talk a little about history, culture, or the arts. On the other hand, she's also not so stiff that she can't talk about the lighter stuff such as noontime shows and pop stars.

3. Fights don't last too long. 

She's more logical than emotional. At work, she's known for her analytical approach to solving problems—a method she employs in her personal affairs as well. At the same time, she will often be the first to realize that what your fighting about is actually really silly.

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4. You won't have to explain your jokes and references. 

She's quite in touch with pop culture that she would never answer you with a blank face when you share something about the Big Bang Theory or some newly discovered earth-like planet on some other galaxy. She definitely knows what you're talking about. She can even make intelligent jokes out of it.

5. She won't sleep through shows and movies you ask her to watch with you. 

She's just as much a pop culture addict like you are!

6. She knows how to fix things by herself. 

She's an achiever who spent her childhood years (or her entire life) figuring things out. Hence, she won't need to rely on you all the time to tackle life's many hurdles. She's definitely not a damsel in distress.

7. Your parents will love her. 

She's a woman that knows how to carry a conversation not just with you, but also with the older set such as your parents and titos and titas.

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8. She's not clingy. 

She'll never suffocate you by wanting to hang out every single minute, hour, day and night and is quite comfortable at home reading her favorite books, learning a new dish, or maybe even playing a videogame.

9. She's a ball of sunshine. 

Thanks to her lighthearted disposition, she's not the type who pulls a dark cloud along on a leash at the end of every work/school day. Most times, she can laugh off the bad vibes from the day, thus making you feel better, too!

10. You'll save money. 

Give her a nice book as a present, and she'll be happy.

11. She can get pretty kinky in bed. 

She has access to wider vocabulary when you're having sex. She won't be limited to oohs and aahs or classic lines like "Do you like that?" and "Yes! Yes! Yes!" and will sometimes treat you to a line like this:

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